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Simone Valsecchi

awarded designer


pure art

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Simone Valsecchi

Awarded Designer

Simone Valsecchi, who lives in Italy, expresses that design is a passion for him. On the way to believe in the perpetuity of development and learning, he aims for continual innovations and differences in his graphical and design studies. With this understanding, for Valsecchi who has awarded products, designs that create value are essential.

The young Italian designer Simone Valsecchi draws attention by his plain and unique style in his Eleganza design, a synthesis of classical breezes and modern lines, the Valente ceramic sanitaryware series which impresses by its simplicity and the Diamante washbasin designs, inspired by the sharp lines of the diamond.

Simone Valsecchi design Eleganza ceramic sanitaryware products have been awarded by A'Design Award 2013.


The Works